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Fresh fruits import and distribution

Founded in 2009, our company was born from the desire to satisfy the common interests of European producers and international distributors of fresh fruits.

Our company specializes in the import and distribution of out-of-season fresh fruits, which means that are naturally unavailable in France outside the periods of national production. Our goal is to optimize the marketing and commercialization of fruits.

We carefully select and import from all over the world a wide range of species and varieties of fruits in order to complement the domestic supply and provide the consumer a diversity of fresh fruits throughout the year.

We work with the best logistics service providers.

We overcome the challenges that are inherent in the fruits and vegetable sector and we meet the most demanding customers.

Our dynamism, expertise and professionalism allow us to establish ourselves as a first-class partner to offer you a product and service of quality, whether you are a supplier or a customer of our company.